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Q: How long have you been a photographer? How much experience do you have with weddings?
A: I started my business 3 years ago, but found my love for photography at 16. I started shooting weddings right out the gate, and now have over 30 weddings under my belt and I LOVE it!

Q: Are you insured?
Yes! I am fully insured, and more than happy to present proof of insurance to your venue.

Q: Let’s talk money!
A: Wedding investments begin at $2500 and portrait investments begin at $350. I put a lot of love into each and every session and wedding, making sure that from our first cup of coffee to the big reveal you’re getting a great experience and product that you will treasure for years.

Q: Do I have to buy prints from you?
A: The answer to this is no, but I STRONGLY recommend that you do buy prints from me. I use a professional printer, and the results are truly more glorious than I know how to describe. Many printers like Walmart, Costco, and CVS just don’t know how to properly process the colors in professional grade images, and your photos may come out with your face looking like a pumpkin. I love halloween, but not for your wedding photos or on your wall!

Q: Can I have a CD?
A: Well, no. BUT, you can have a gorgeous online gallery with the capacity to download and share your images with friends, family, and all of social media. My wedding packages do include a custom USB for safe keeping of your images apart from your computer. The great thing about our online galleries is that you also have the ability (as do your friends and family) to order prints through the gallery, which means that you don’t have to worry about sending out 20 USB’s of your photos to different friends and family.

Q: Do you shoot boudoir?
A: YES! I absolutely love shooting boudoir photography, and hold boudoir marathons throughout the year. I love making women feel sexy, especially when it’s a gift to your groom. Bridal boudoir is one of the additions to my wedding packages. If you would like to see examples of my work, please email me and we can meet in person. I take client privacy very seriously, and want to make sure that my brides feel comfortable in the safety of their images.

Q: Do you travel?
A: A resounding YES, YES, YES to that! I absolutely love traveling, and love shooting weddings all over the country, and I really offer pretty competitive deals for destination weddings. So please contact me if you want to bring my work to your destination wedding!

Q: My ceremony site is dimly lit/I’m having a middle of the night wedding/my reception is in a dark room, are you able to shoot that?
A: This is a question I am proud to answer yes to. I love natural light, don’t get me wrong, but I definitely love the vision of my brides and grooms more. So, I have spent a lot of time learning about lighting and techniques to shooting in difficult lighting situations. I am confident in my skills to still be able to give you beautiful and uniquely lit photography. However, if you are concerned about this, please let me know so we can develop a killer game plan!

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?
A: Absolutely. Contracts protect both parties, and are required for all sessions.On the contract your fees, retainers, rescheduling clauses, as well as a model clause will be included.

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit?
A: Retainers of 35% of the cost of services are due at the time of booking. This holds your spot on my calendar and ensures that you are “locked in”.

Q: How do I hire you?
A: Contact me here! I set up consultations with every couple, just to make sure we’re a good fit and so I can get to learn more about you! From there, you pay a deposit, sign and contract and WHAM! You’re stuck with me. 🙂

If any of your questions or concerned are not covered on this list, please don’t hesitate to contact me at hello@kristenfields.com and I will be sure to answer any questions you have!

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